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Quad-core dual dynamic driver
Combined with CSR+TI chip
85 hours ultra long battery life
Foldable and portable
Double moving coils, four speakers, explosive bass
The left and right ears are equipped with 15mm + 40mm double moving coils to create a double-bomb bass and release high-resolution and naturally smooth HiFi-quality sound.
Double core combined with lossless sound quality
Qualcomm CSR chip + Texas TI module
American Qualcomm CSR Chip
It brings a stable, low-power, high-quality, lossless audio transmission, to ensure the stability and fidelity of sound transmission.
American Texas TI Module
The audio power amplifier module produces a more powerful low-frequency sound, and the built-in equalizer creates a more pleasant sound quality.
Bluetooth 5.0 audio and video synchronization
Adopting the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 high version, it supports 24bit/192KHz lossless audio transmission. Compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the transmission speed is faster and more stable, the signal is stronger, and ultra-low delay audio and picture synchronization is realized.
2 Times
transfer speed
4 Times
8 Times
Data capacity

85 hours ultra long battery life
1200mAh big capacity battery
Built-in 1200mAh big capacity battery, combined with Bluetooth 5.0 high version of CSR low-power solution, up to 85 hours continuous working, the standby time is around 2400 hours.
Over-ear design
comfortable to wear
The retractable head beam and the self-adapting earmuff design fit various head sizes. The protein soft leather and cushioned headrests ensure comfortable wearing for a long time.
Buffer headrest
Decrease the pressure on head from weight of headphones
Adaptive spindle
Self-adjusting the power between the earmuff and the head
Protein earmuffs
Fits for both ears comfortably, blocking outside noise
Retractable head beam
Self-adjusting the location between the earmuff and the head
Wired switching
Peripheral 3.5mm audio cable port, you can switch to wired mode at any time, headphones can also enjoy listening when the battery is exhausted.
Folding storage
Folding design of the fuselage, excellent portability
Suitable for users to take the street to listen.
Several colors for you choose
Model No. :
Bluetooth version :
Bluetooth protocol :
Support functions :
Music play on/off, answer/hang up phone calls, power display, smart calling reminding, last phone number redial, etc.
Product color :
Product weight :
Battery capacity :
Standby time :
2400 hours
Music time :
80 hours
Audio output :
Nominal impedance :
Sensitivity :
Frequency Range :

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